National Women’s History Month

Contributions of U.S. Women Past to Present…

People are what makes a country great.  Statistics from recent Pew Research shows that most Americans believe the United States is among the greatest countries in the world.  Our people - women and men, every color and nationality - are what make our nation so great!  During the month of March, we recognize women’s historic contributions to our world. 

Every great change is precipitated by a move of the Holy Spirit.  History records that the Great Awakening, powerful Holy Spirit revivals and preaching emphasizing holy living and personal relationship with Jesus Christ, swept through the colonies like fire in the 1710s and 1720s, lasting well into the 1750s and 1760s.  The Great Awakening’s secular twin, a movement called the “American Enlightenment”, began almost simultaneously, with great advances in science, rational thought and philosophy.  These revivals fueled awakenings in thought and philosophies, which ultimately led to the American Revolution, and the birth of our incredible nation. 

Phyllis Wheatley, born in 1753 in Africa, sold as a slave in Boston, Massachusetts, learned to read and write.  She began to write poetry about redemption through Christ, and became the first published African-American poet.  After she wrote a book in 1772, she was emancipated.  Her poetry and talent were widely recognized - even George Washington praised her work.   Jarena Lee (1783-1855) became one of the first African-American women evangelists after hearing the Lord saying to her, “Go preach the gospel!” Not only was she victorious in following His command – she was a traveling preacher for more than 30 years, preaching the gospel to both blacks and whites.  Women who followed Christ, through the power of the Holy Spirit, broke every man-made barrier hindering them and used the power of their God-given influence to contribute greatly to where we find ourselves today.

Fast forward to today to highlight another woman who has emerged adverse circumstances to touch millions of lives for God around the world; She started with a black backdrop, shaky hands and a camera she could barely afford.  It took her more than ten “takes” just to record, “God bless you.”  Her grammar wasn’t always correct, and she fought against a cloud of reproach from words spoken behind her back, from people who whispered things like, “She isn’t ministry material.”  But she had a message to share, and God’s Word was like fire shut up in her bones.  The mental, emotional and spiritual healing she found in relationship to Jesus Christ and in the Word of God could not be held back.  The Holy Spirit was leading her into a multi-faceted destiny that even she could not have imagined.

17 years later, her name can be found on local, national and global “most influential Christians” lists.  She is the first woman to lead the United States of America in the inaugural prayer, the recipient of dozens of awards, recognition, and accolades for her work in humanitarian causes, and sits as chairwoman on the Spiritual Advisory Board to the President of the United States.  She is a pastor, a popular TV personality, a wife and a grandmother.  She served under several presidential administrations in advocacy positions for domestic violence, inner city outreach and disaster relief programs. Her ministry has provided hundreds of thousands of pounds of food to the needy in the United States and tens of millions of dollars in humanitarian assistance to the needy around the world.  Her name is Paula White-Cain. 

Women of God throughout history have borne children, helped found great nations, received their dead back to life, conquered injustice, raised godly children, and accomplished incredible things!  Whether you are a mother, a CEO, are struggling to make ends meet, or have plenty of money in the bank, you have a powerful gift of influence!  He can use you to deliver those in bondage, touch those who are hurting, and share the words of eternal life.  Be courageous and step into your destiny, because the hindrances of humankind cannot stop a godly woman who is surrendered to the Lord!

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