Do You Dare To Be Different?

"And he said, Come. And when Peter was come down out of the ship, he walked on the water, to go to Jesus." - Matthew 14:29

We are all familiar with the apostle Peter's attempt to walk on water with Jesus. I have heard all kinds of criticism about how Peter began to sink because he had too little faith. But Peter did something that the rest of the disciples failed to do. he got out of the boat!

When we look at this story the emphasis is too often focused on Peter's failure. Some have even tried to convince us that Peter got out of the boat with fleshly confidence in his fishing abilities, and that is why he was not afraid of the storm. One problem with that is that one other time the Bible records that there was a storm, and Jesus was asleep in the boat. The disciples woke up Jesus, fearful for their lives. I do not care how many times Peter went fishing previously, he never had walked on water.

Peter may not have made it all the way, but he made it farther than all the rest. he exercised some faith, but the others exercised no faith. When you get out of the boat, you put the people inside the boat in an awkward position. They must now justify why they are still in the boat. Don't listen to them! A quest for the acceptance of people can be disastrous. Often people will suppress you or hold you back to justify their own weaknesses.

if you fail or come short in your walk, Jesus is standing nearby to give His rescuing hand. What is important is that you stepped out. It might be lonely on the water, but keep on walking. In the same way, do not let anyone hold you back or make you a prisoner of your past. Remember, you have become a new creation in Christ.

"Trying to convince people to like you or accept you can drown you."


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