Walk Away

"And said unto him, Get thee out of thy country and from thy kindred and come into the land which I shall show thee." - Acts 7:3

It is dangerous to hold onto some things that need to be released. God wanted Abraham to establish a nation through his descendants by blessing him and by making his name great. He promised him that his future was going to be much better than his past. And when God began to reveal His plan to Abraham, the first thing He told him was to beware of his family ties.

God showed Abraham what he would inherit, once he was willing to leave everything and pull away from those who would be a snare to his destiny. The thing that gives us power to leave one thing is seeing something better that we are going to inherit. If you cannot see that you have a brighter tomorrow, it becomes far more difficult to leave your yesterdays.

When Abraham got ready to leave the "old" to inherit the "new" the Bible records that Lot went with him (Genesis 12:4). Lot was not the promised child that would fulfill the prophecy of a nation to come - it was Isaac.

Abraham did not know it at that time but would later learn that Lot was a distraction - a source of strife and contention. There may be people who are related to you, they are a distraction and need to be removed from your life before you can inherit the promises that God has for you.

"Some things have to be broken in order for you to be fixed."



  1. Timely word! I am determined to receive what God originally intended for me, leaving my mother's house and my fathers house behind. There manipulations and entrapments are not greater than God's love for me!

  2. Pastor, am so blessed.... my spirit is rejuvenated. Thank you woman of God...


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