Don't Be Disappointed

"And Peter went out, and wept bitterly." Luke 22:62

When I was seven years old, my grandfather took me to a five-and-dime store. Like a typical child, I ran to the toy section. There on the shelf sat the most beautiful doll I had ever seen. He saw the excitement on my face and observed the obvious anticipation of ownership. But he did not say what I expected, for he replied, "One of these days, Paula, I'll buy her for you."

Christmas came, my birthday came, but my three-foot, pink-laced, blonde ribbon-haired doll did not. Many years passed, and despite my desire, my doll never showed up. That doll was just one of many broken promises and disappointments I experienced in my young life.

Peter and the disciples had anticipated the majestic parade of a coming King that would deliver them from the political oppression by the Romans and the obsessive manipulation by the Pharisees. The scribes had taught the people a version of this long awaited Messiah. The perception of all the people was the same. He was a militant leader who would redeem the people of Israel.

But when Jesus unveiled His plan-death by the cross-Peter rebuked the Lord. It was not an option. This did not fit Peter's definition of Messiah. But after Peter denied the Lord, it hit him; his fear of disappointment had so affected his thinking, he denied His Lord. Like a fully inflated balloon that suddenly was punctured by a sharp needle, his hopes and dreams burst.

When we are disappointed, we become disillusioned; and as a result, we make bad decisions. If this unavoidable event visits, you remember this, God can take your brokenness and mend your pain. Your pain becomes your platform.

 "God does His finest work in the lives of broken people."