You Can Make It

You Can Make It

"My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness." 2 Corinthians 12:9

God does His most powerful work when we are weak, empty and helpless. That is the state we do not like to be in, but it is the condition out of which God builds masterpieces. We like full. God likes empty. In fact, emptiness is a necessary first step to being filled with His presence.

Being weak is sometimes depicted as something painful or unpleasant. But pain can become a conduit for power. I eventually discovered that what was meant to destroy us can actually be what makes us strong and whole. What was supposed to be a stumbling block in our life can actually become a stepping stone.

You may be saying, "Paula, what good can possibly come out of my situation? How can God take my mess and get any glory?" It is interesting to me that transforming messes into blessings is God's specialty.
God does not communicate with us, bless us, and use us because we are perfect, but because we have discovered grace through our weaknesses.
Does your life seem like it has no purpose or meaning? Do you feel like you are spinning around on a merry-go round? Be of good cheer. It is not an end for you, but merely an opportunity for God to move, to bring order, to do a miraculous, creative work in your life. When you have nothing to offer God but your weakness and your brokeness, He has nothing to offer to you except His power, strength, hope, peace, and His presence. Make the great exchange.

"God does his most powerful work when we are weak, empty, and helpless."


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