Failproof Faith

"For if ye do these things, ye shall never fall." 2 Peter 1:10b

The author of this book is the apostle Peter. It strikes me funny that he is the one who writes this. It is obvious that he learned through experiences, for he was the one who (in my opinion) struggled the most to stand. He loved God, he followed God, he gave to God, he forsook all, but he struggled in the end to stand. Is this not the real issue in your life, as well? 
I am not talking about your love for God or your obedience to God; I am talking about your ability to stand.
When Jesus warned Peter about his denial, Peter guaranteed Jesus that he would have his back. When we are faced with real pressure from our peers and the world, we struggle to stand. But how can you go through and not fall? Peter was the perfect portrait for most people.

His name was Simon, which means, "water." Water is unstable (taking on the shape according to its environment) in terms of an element. But Jesus renamed him, Peter. Peter means "rock," the solid element that remains stable and can endure hardship, waves and storms of life. If you remain in Him, you cannot fail.

"Your strength is dependent upon your foundation."


  1. Amen! Praise God for this Post. I adore you Pastor Paula!💓

  2. Amen! Our strength is in the right hand of our mighty God that entrust us with it! ❤️ Thank you Pastor Paula!


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