Move It Yourself

"Jesus said, Take ye away the stone."
John 11:39

It was only days away—the final week of Jesus' earthly ministry. An urgent message had come to Jesus that his dear friend, Lazarus, was near death because of an illness. It was no secret that Jesus was a close friend to Lazarus, with his two sisters, from  Bethany. But Jesus waited four days before he made his journey. You see, everything God does is scheduled. Everything is to happen in its time.

Upon His arrival, Jesus discovered his close companion was dead. Frustration, remorse, confusion and possibly anger filled the minds of those who mourned their loss. The surviving sisters, Mary and Martha, were distraught and puzzled by Jesus' tardiness. The funeral, the viewing, and the mourning meal were over, and his body had decomposed to the degree that presented a gagging stench. Regardless the Master requested to go to the grave site.

When Jesus, the family and onlookers arrived at the grave, it was a cave covered with a hewed stone at the entrance. The emotion Jesus (11:35) was going to give them a prequel to His resurrection, but there was a problem. Something was in the way of this miracle—a tombstone. Jesus was not going to do something they could do for themselves. We must do something to get an end result. What is blocking your way to your miracle? God is waiting on you to do something. Strategize your plan of action!

"Go back to your tomb of disappointment and move your stone!"