5 Steps to Keeping Your Dreams and Visions Alive!

As our nation, world—and perhaps even our own lives—experience a period of upheaval, God has a message of vital importance for each of us:

Dare to dream – even now!

I believe God is urging us to push forward and pursue our life-long goals and dreams – especially at this time. And to assist us in this mission, the Holy Spirit will reveal new gifts, talents, and abilities for us to draw upon, as we focus forward and strive toward our God-given purpose and destiny!

“But Paula,” you may be saying, “I don’t have it in me! I have too many bills, my family is in crisis, my career is in limbo. How can I possibly pursue any dream?”
Nobody knows what you are truly capable of doing…except God! 
There will be plenty of times when you won’t feel up to it. Even when things are good, many people don’t realize their own capacity for success…and it can be even more to difficult to believe in our dreams when things are tough.

BUT…it’s important to continue to dream—because your dreams are powerful! I’m not talking about the ones in your sleep, but the musings and daydreams you consciously think about—your dreams of the future. These are wonderful, inspiring predictors of what might be possible for you, and often hold a key to your God-given destiny.

Some people who see me online or on television think I’ve always been a preacher and a teacher; but that is far from true. Often God only shows us the beginning and the ending…and when God gave me the vision of how He would use me to travel the world and touch hearts and lives for His glory, that vision didn’t come to pass in a week…a month…or a year. But I had faith in Him and the vision He had placed inside of me. And today, over twenty years later, I’m here to tell you – dare to dream!
Don’t be discouraged about where you are right now. God is preparing you for what is coming next! 
He wants to use your dreams, talents, and abilities to bring forth His will in our earth. And He will use every experience you go through to recreate you in His image. Imagine that…and, dare to dream!

Incorporate these 5 steps into your schedule to help keep your dreams and visions alive! 

1. Read God’s Word daily. It is vital to read and meditate on God’s Word, as you seek His wisdom and discernment to bring your dreams to light.

2. Pray daily. Gratefully speak your dreams to God regularly, asking Him to reveal new ways for you to nurture them and bring them to fruition.

3. Use a dream journal. Follow the advice in God’s word: “Write the vision, and make it plain…” (Habakkuk 2:2) Writing about your dreams and goals will keep them alive, even when nothing seems to be happening.

4. Research your vision. Strive to learn at least one new thing related to the subject of your dream or vision daily. Borrow a book from the library, research the internet, or pick up a magazine at your supermarket to educate yourself! 

5. Find a mentor. Develop a relationship with someone who has accomplished, or is on the road to accomplishing, a dream similar to yours—and who is willing to help you learn more about the steps you can take to pursue your dream.

Follow these steps and pursue God’s destiny for your life this year– as you keep your focus on Him and dare to dream!

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  1. Thank you very much Paula very inspirational thanks for the guidance praise God for nice people like you Paula


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