6 Signs of an Ungodly Soul-Tie

Man is made in the likeness and image of God. God is a trinity, meaning He is three in one being. God is a Spirit, He has a soul, and both of these are clothed (or housed) in a body of flesh.

The Spirit “is the divine (God) nature of man designed to be in regular communication with God. The soul is the mind, the intellect, the will, the emotions, the choice or decision-making part of man – basically his personality. The soul is the part of man which enables him to live practically in this world (language, math, social skills, etc.). The body is the house in which the other two live, and provides the means whereby the spirit and soul express themselves. I want to talk to you more in depth about the soul, and it’s function in comparison to the spirit and body because there are issues that can lodge themselves in the soul of a person that can go very deep.
The soul of man is that part which is uniquely him. It is what we think of as the personality of man. The soul is the choices we make when we exercise our will.
We learn the nature and character of a person by observing the expression of their soul through both their words and actions; these originate in a person’s soul. The soul must be conditioned daily (see 1 Peter 2:11; 1 Cor 9:27) and compelled to submit to the work of the cross in our lives.

The mind is the part of the soul that holds the intellect, or the capacity to know things. The will is the capacity to exercise choice, make decisions, and push one towards self-preservation, and self-control (Acts 3:23 KJV).

The emotions are the capacity to feel, or to experience. Desires are in the arena of the soul. The dysfunctional soul is carnal and is ruled by its desires. The Word refers to carnality as everything in man that is NOT under the control or dominion of the Holy Spirit, via your own yielded spirit.
The proper soul is a submitted will, intellect and emotional being. Wrong relationships tie people’s lives together through a spiritual hold which can cause emotional and even physical damage. It is an unseen control on a person’s life that can powerfully pull them away from the place of peace that God desires for all of His children.

This type of tie is called a soul tie.

Let’s go over some signs of an ungodly soul tie:

1) An ungodly soul tie produces irrational thinking. Irrational means not capable of reasoning, having lost mental clarity, illogical.

2) An ungodly soul tie causes a person to evaluate themselves and others according to previous context. They can’t see outside of that relationship or mental paradigm.

3) An ungodly soul tie causes a person to shut down emotionally.

4) An ungodly soul tie produces an unhealthy, unnatural desire or attraction to people, places and things, even to the person’s detriment.

5) An ungodly soul tie will cause a lack of judgment and discernment.
6) An ungodly soul tie produces the inability to establish and maintain proper adult relationships.

It is my intent by His will to bring forth the practicalities of personal reformation to free you from what has bound you. Like Lazarus, you can come forth… but still be bound! This is going to be YOUR life long work with the Holy Spirit while you are here on this earth as a believer, but I will by the grace of God equip you with the tools to be free and succeed in all that you reach for!

Your Spirit man is transformed when you are born again (this was done by the work of the cross) but your “soul” can still be bound. When you accepted Christ’s sacrifice for your sins and became a believer, only your spirit became perfectly aligned to the Spirit of God. The human soul is not renewed, saved or set free of it’s wrong patterns of thinking, it’s deception and denial, and it’s agendas because of a spiritual salvation experience.

The mind, will and emotions must be continually renewed by the washing of the Word of God and by immersing itself in God’s Word and time in His presence with His Spirit.

The soul must choose to surrender itself to the will of God. You can cause your soul to do this.
If you would like to surrender to God, pray this prayer with me right now:

“Father God, I come to you now with repentance on my lips and in my heart. Please turn my heart away from any idols in my life and turn it towards you. You are the fountain from which all blessings flow and I will praise you, Elohim, as long as I shall live. You are the one true God. You are my deliverer and the opener of my womb. You have healed my barrenness by revealing your Son and your Spirit without which I would be lost in darkness. I pray against any attack of the enemy on my mind. May the works of Satan in my life be destroyed by fire. Seal any crack or crevice that gives the enemy entrance to my mind, will or emotions. Use my hands to glorify you and destroy the works of the enemy through your Son, Jesus Christ. Remove anything and anyone from my life that does not align with your divine will for my life and my destiny in you. Grant me the discernment to identify and remove idols from my life. I praise you and thank you for my deliverance. I will glorify you all the days of my life. In the name of Yeshua. Amen.”