Touch the Word

"Came behind him, and touched the border of his garment: and immediately her issue of blood stanched."
Luke 8:44

The woman with the issue of blood had spent all she had on physicians and was no better. For twelve long years she wasted away looking for answers wanting nothing but to be made whole.

Jesus was in town, and a large crowd had gathered to see him. But this woman determined she was not just going to see Jesus; she was going to touch Jesus. She pressed her way through the multitude and the Bible says she touched the border, or the hem, of his garment. The hem was a fringe or a tassel sown to each of the four corners of a man's garment. It was a braided string twisted with a blue yarn in it. It had knots tied into each string that represented the Ten Commandments. It was a prayer shawl.

It is important that we notice she did not touch just any part of Jesus garments; she touched the hem. This act represented her touching the fringe in faith that stood for the Word. She reached to touch what represented the Word, but in reality she touched the Word Himself.
When you touch the Word, it makes you whole. It makes you free. 
It heals the body, the mind, our memories, and every issue of life. Your faith has made you whole.

"The tangible touch is available for the reaching."

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