Will You Make The Great Exchange?

"But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength."
Isaiah 40:31

Where you are is not where you are going to be. God always calls us to a higher place in worship. There is a place in God that He wants you to go to. Have you ever called out to God and really expected it to arrive, only to be disappointed? Does it seem like the heavens are brass and your prayers just bounce back to the earth?

God says, "Wait on the Lord." The Hebrew word for "wait" means, "to trust with unlimited confidence." Isaiah is not saying wait in reference to time. It is not a time issue here; it is a trust issue. You see, if your focus is on time, then you will lose sight. But if you focus on trusting, then timing is no issue.
When you learn to trust with unlimited confidence, the Lord will renew your strength. 
The word "renew" literally means, "to receive an exchange." The emphasis is not on renewing what you have, but rather is on exchanging what you have with someone else. God takes your feebleness and gives you His power. God exchanges His strength with whatever you have. Give what you have to God and receive what He has for you.

"God loves to exchange gifts with His children."



  1. This is so perfect for where God has me right now! Thank You! :)
    God bless you, in Jesus name!!!


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