5 Steps for Getting and Keeping Victory

God sees you not from your current condition, but from your future state! 

Things have a way of settling in on us and we can become in bondage to them. This is called a stronghold. Other times, addictions to sin are present that are unable to be broken by willpower alone because demonic forces have entered in. When this happens, we need deliverance to break the yoke of bondage!
A stronghold is a cyclical pattern of thinking that generates harmful behaviors. Our behavior reveals what exists on the inside. 
Unhealthy coping methods start off as things like eating for comfort, drinking to numb ourselves, etc. Over time, these negative coping methods become crutches and mental strongholds develop to rationalize the existence of the “crutch.” We should not be relying on any other power besides the supernatural grace and power of the blood of Jesus Christ! As more time passes, these strongholds strengthen and turn into an addiction, and the will of the person becomes less and less in control. It’s usually at this point that demonic forces have become involved because the person is not only in bondage to that person, place or thing – it has become a blatant idol. God wants to deliver us so that these strongholds or demonic addictions can be broken off of us!

God will break the yoke of strongholds, release you into freedom and send you on a mission for Him! So, I ask you, where are you going today? Are you on your way….. or are you stuck?

While we are contemplating, I want to share 5 simple steps to getting and keeping our victory. These are not the be-all and end-all. Counseling, laying on of hands and involvement with a deliverance ministry at a Bible-based, spirit-filled church is VITAL.

I want to share with you 5 steps to approaching God for deliverance:

1. Acknowledge and renounce.
Acknowledge what is really going on to God. Speak truth to God and ourselves. Renounce anything that has had control over you. It takes so much strength to do this. Confessing our sins is never a weakness..it opens the door for the power of God to flood our lives.

2.  Forgive.
Overcome bitterness and gain freedom by releasing others from their sins. Forgiveness is for you, not them! Put down the baggage and remember the grace of Almighty God towards you. God is going to be so good to you, you won't even remember what those people did to you. Receive His forgiveness, and let it flow through you to others. God gives to you freely..you are so blessed and highly favored! Release others from their sins towards you. You will be amazed at how much peace you experience.

3.  Submit.
Submit to God and His way of doing things. Every good and perfect gift is from Him!

4.  Take responsibility.
Take responsibility for your own actions to gain full freedom. Never give anyone or anything the credit for what you do, except God!

5. Disown.
Disown sinful influences that come from associations.  Jesus tells us in Matthew 5:30, “If your right arm causes you to sin, cut it off and cast it far from you!”

I will be talking to you about the season of Passover and God’s sovereign, powerful deliverance. It is God’s desire to see His people set free from strongholds and addictions so they can move into destiny! God sees you not from your current condition, but from your future state! Be victorious and never give up battling that affliction or condition! It is only temporary and you will outlast and overcome every evil thing because He who is in you is stronger than he who is in the world! God has given you the victory. It is already finished!


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