The Right To Freedom

One of the fundamental rights of the believer in Jesus Christ is freedom. 

Sin has distorted every aspect of the human experience from the beginning of time. Sin is the reason for wars, poverty, slavery, and is the answer to the philosophical problem of evil in the world. Sin is when people exercise the power of their free will to do something God doesn’t want them to do. But Jesus has given us power!

Adam made it possible for mankind to choose to do evil, but Jesus Christ made it possible for mankind to choose to do good. When He died on the cross, rose from the dead, and went to the right hand of the Father, He broke every power over our lives.

The enemy will always try to blind you and distort your view of the love of God through tragedy, damaged relationships, broken promises, and disillusionment. God’s love is able to reach you this day, and He will pull you out of the deepest pit of your life and set you on the solid rock to stay. The roadway to overcoming and restoring what is dead ends at an old rugged cross, with Jesus shedding His blood for you. No amount of false religion or self-help courses can do in a lifetime what God can do with just one touch of His hand on your life. You cannot restore yourself and overcome alone! Only Jesus can do it.

He gave us the gift of free will, so we have a part to play. We must tear off the mask to be who we are in Christ. We can’t be His representative on the earth without some level of transparency. And we can’t be transparent when we live in emotional bondage. We must find freedom in Him.. so we can have the strength to tear off the mask! The world needs you to be who you really are in Him!

The Bible says that He “makes me to lie down in green pastures; he leads me besides still waters.” (Psalm 23:2) This verse is a picture of rest, peace, and beauty …like a vacation. For some of us, the freedom we long for is well in sight, but far out of reach. You can see the vacation, but you just can’t get there. You can see the peace, rest and beauty He has for you, but you just don’t have it yet. Precious brothers and sisters in Christ, God is done with this!

God is done with you being a spectator and not a participant in what He has for you. He wants us to experience the place of rest and freedom He has for us..not just see it. In order to experience the place of rest He has for our souls – the spiritual place of freedom – we must fight anything that may hinder us!

God WILL give you the power to overcome – because you are already anointed with His “overcoming” Spirit. Remember, everything in life is a process. Some victories are immediate, but some must be walked out. There are some trials and challenges that simply cannot be shortened or bypassed. God uses your life’s pressures to prepare you for your destiny! Remember: no matter how great the pressure you are under, God has a plan and a purpose; your pressure will have a payoff, and you will overcome! Don’t give up! Persevere and exercise your right to freedom in Him!


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