Atonement Foundations

Atonement Foundations


The Word of God works. You have to activate and appropriate your faith. Faith without works is dead. Action taken in obedience to the Spirit of God and to His Word creates momentum that moves you along in life. God wants to move you along to a higher level in His kingdom, but we have a part to play.
This month, I am going to be teaching on “Atonement.” Why, you ask, would I drag this “Old Testament” principle out from the dust of the stained glass history of the past and study on it? Some of you might want to fall asleep just at the mention of the very word. I promise you will stay awake during this teaching! Atonement is about the blood of Jesus. Atonement is about mercy. Atonement is about “at- “one” “ment” – you and God being “at one” again…reconciliation. Atonement is about the wiping away of all sins and becoming one with God again. Atonement is about the very cry of every human soul – to be right with God! To have peace with the Creator! To be okay, at peace, pleasing to Him, to make Him who sits in the clouds happy…this is Atonement! Right now, I want to lay a foundation.

We measure a day by the rotation of the earth… time is cyclical. 
We measure a month by the lunar cycles… time is cyclical.
We measure a year by the revolution of the earth’s orbit around the sun… time is cyclical.

The cycles and repeating patterns show themselves evident even in our practical everyday living. Our cycle of sleep refreshes us with rest. Our weekly cycle marks days of work and days of rest. A woman’s biological cycle determines the timing of procreation. Our weather cycles cause plants to grow and yield crops and fruit.

Everywhere there is life, there is a cycle or pattern that was established from before its existence.
Timing and cycles are so significant to us. Is it so strange, then, to think that timing and cycles apply to us spiritually? Wouldn’t it make sense that God, in His infinite wisdom, would have something to say to us about divine timing, seasons, and patterns? We know God is a planner; He makes plans before He does things. He is strategic; He is concise; He is a God of timing and rhythm. 

Because we are “IN” time, the past is a memory and the future is hidden. In our perspective, time can seem linear… as though time were a straight line going in both directions of the past and the future. For us, the beginning is our birth and the end is our death. Our birth marks the moment that we “clock in” to time and our death marks the moment we return to God.

Now we know that God is eternal. God has no beginning and he has no end. God is not “IN”  time as we are in time. To God, all of time exists all at once. God is able to see the past and the future just as clear as we can see the present moment.

To God, time is not a straight line. Time is cyclical. Time is GENERATIONAL.
God intended blessings of one generation to be passed and connected to the next generation…  and the next…and the next… and the next …and the next …until the fullness of his purpose is manifested in a family, in a community, in a nation, and finally in the world.

One of the molecules that make up the matter of God’s plans is His timing. We know that God, in His multi-faceted, manifest wisdom has made plans for us before the foundations of the earth. When we focus in on those plans, we know that He considers many, many variables and causes them to work together and matches them up to flow with each other in the beautiful plans of our life. He does everything in order and harmony, although it may not look that way to us at the time. Timing is a crucial aspect to the plans God has for you. We need to receive a thing at a certain time.

“To everything there is a season and a time to every purpose under the heaven.” Ecclesiastes 3:1

When you begin to study the feasts of God, the appointments of God, you quickly begin to see how significant the times and seasons are. God Himself designed certain times in His calendar for events to occur. The appointment on God’s calendar that He has with you which we are going to study and go into is called, “Atonement.” Stay with us this month as we mine the treasures from God’s Word and find out about what He intends to happen in our lives as we apply the blood of Jesus to set us free from every hindering factor and every distracting thing that would keep us from His best. Stay with us as we apply the precious blood of Jesus to the mercy seat of our lives!

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